Premium Package


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  • Complete Website Design - We offer a complete website design. We design the template just how you like it, then we code it in completely compliant CSS and HTML that works in all the latest browsers.
  • Logo - The logo we design for you is completely unique to your needs. We will make it say exactly what you need it to.
  • PSD Files - We give you all the .PSD files we use so that you can see exactly what we do, and even change the template to fit any future needs.
  • Unlimited Revisions - Until the package is approved, we will change anything.
  • All Files - We give you all the files you need, HTML, CSS, PSD, GIF, PNG. Any files used in the development of your website are yours to keep and edit how you like.
  • Seven Day Turnaround - We know you want to be able to put your site online as fast as possible. That's why we get it down, as fast as possible. We do it in seven business days or less!

Starter Package


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  • Complete Website Template - We'll design the site completely for you according to your specifications. We will make it look exactly how you want it to.
  • Logo - All logos we design are unique to you and your site. No one else will receive your logo, and you will retain all rights to it.
  • PSD Files - We'll provide you with all the PSD files that we use to create your design and logo. You can make any changes to it you like!
  • Four Day Turnaround
  • Programming NOT included - Any programming you require is not part of this package. You will just recieve the web template as a PSD file.

Upgrade Package


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  • Logo - A completely unique logo designed with your needs in mind.
  • Header - A nice header designed around your logo and design.
  • Two Advertisement Banners - Two banners of whatever size you need.
  • PSD to all images
  • Three Day Turnaround

Turnaround time is subject to change and is not guaranteed. It is based upon the client being online to submit any feedback.